Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Last nights sketching

Spent the night having a doodle in front of the TV.
Not much to show and a bit rough, but I thought I would post it in a effort to keep the blog going.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dredd Pencils

Heres that Dredd panal again, with pencils this time
shame i havent any more inbetween stages on this panal, maybe when Dredd gets published I can show the painting stages on some others.

Com-X ..... X

Some character tests for com-x
Really need to improve my art work and try out some other techniques. Mainly due to speed and clarity of my work, as Im finding Im putting in too much detail, texture and over working images.
I may look at some of my older pages before I painted them up and take the pencils to inks instead, see what happens :)

More Necrophim pages

Couldnt remember which pages I had posted in the previous post, so I will drop a few more in this post and a sneaky Dredd(non spoiler) image.
oh and I started a deviant art account :) which no doubt will be updated as much as my blog,,,,not much then :)


Necrophim pages

Some pages from the last series of Necrophim