Friday, 1 April 2011

Bizarre Creations , farewell

Bit late to the wake, but thanks to all the people who where at Bizarre Creations throughout its years it was great wasnt it, unfortuatly the studio closed down in Febuary.
Its really starting to hit me now how great working at Bizarre Creations was, after a month of not been at the studio Im starting to feel the pangs of a old routine,,,well I did spend 13 years there so its a strange shift for me. But Im up for a new challenge and hopefully more doors will open as the old ones close.
heres a few bits and bobs of from over the years at Bizarre,
Bizarre folk.....u will be missed


  1. Hey Lee,
    Take it easy fella.
    Been where you are before a couple of times - not nice but hopefully sit won't be too long before something turns up for you.
    I'll be at Bristol Expo on the Saturday only so if you're lurking anywhere LMK and we'll meet for a beer.

    All the best for you and the Bizarre people,


  2. HI Wiggz,
    hope u are well,
    aye it is strange. Still onwards and upwards :)
    Couldnt make Bristol this year, sorry I missed you, hope you had a good un :)