Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Judge Dredd

Been a huge 2000ad and Judge Dredd fan for a very long time, 2000ad was the reason I wanted to be a artist and thankfully I have had to luck to follow that path.
I have done quite a few pages now for 2000ad with my work on Deadeyes and necrophim but tommorow is my first Judge Dredd.....Judge Dredd....my seven year old self would be wetting himself right now...
so, keep a eye out in Asda/ whsmiths and your local comic shop for 2000ad prog 1737, Judge Dredd "Scream" written by Gordon Rennie with art by me and lettering by Annie Parkhouse, out on the 8th of june and running into a few parts too :)
right, just pulled a 28 hour shift,,,,going to bed now,,,


  1. I love it when someone realises their dreams. You go Lee!!

  2. Hi Lee

    Loved the final reveal panel at the end of part one. And it's good to see some colour stuff of yours again after all the greyscale of Necrophim.

  3. This is a great story Necrophim should have been done in colour too. I was very impressed at part one of your Judge Dredd strip.

  4. cheers all :), aye I wonder what Necrophim would have looked like in colour :), maybe one day I will get around to trying to paint up one of the old pages :)

  5. Great Judge Dredd but it was tragic for the Green Drug Heads. The bad guy was also very ruthless burning the employees so they couldn't give away any druggie secrets!