Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Still in the middle of a move, well not really moving just yet,,,more hanging around with some boxes,
anyway,,,here a sketch between projects which I may paint up if Im still not moving anywhere :)
quick edit,,,thought I would post some progress shots while Im at it,
not really spent much time on it today but I managed to put down some flat colours and bit of texture,, at this point I will start painting it up . Add the dark areas, mid tones and highlights last, not touched nemesis yet apart from a quick wash.. oh and needs more texture
edit 2
still plugging away, building up the paint, nowhere near done yet,still looking a bit flat :)
Not had much time to work on it, still moving house,,,,caught in limbo :(


  1. I'll expect it sent in the post to me mate :-)

    Lovely stuff...

  2. Will we see any more Necrophim posted? Nemesis was a good strip too I don't know why they finished it.

  3. CHeers Emperor and Andi, hope all is well :)
    well its still not finshed,,,feel too guilty working on it as I should be doing other things :)
    Anonymous....cheers :), yup I will have a dig around the old Necrophim pages, any particuler panel you would like to see bigger

  4. How about the one where you bring Lucifer back to Necrophim alive! That would be cool, Cthulhu F'taghn for now

  5. Ever thought of writing anything HP Lovecraftian it's still talked about in Grant Morrison's Zenith. how about Lee Carter's" Tales from Archam!"

  6. Hey Anonymous, I did do a strip for "Cthulhu Tales" called WitchHunter, that was for Booom studios, would love to continue with that story.
    Inviting Lovecraft into your head is like inviting sure :)

    Lucifer cant die, he is Lucifer :) Tharg is the man to ask and Tony Lee of course :)

    cheers Lee

  7. The pictures where Lucifer kicked Uriel's ass and then stood gloating over him would be cool, Cthulhu Relyeh for now.