Tuesday, 4 October 2011

right im back

Hi all,
well i moved as u may know, but all did not go smoothly, well it took such a long time to get on the internet and then when we got the internet my computers all decided to die at the same time :) so then spent weeks trying to fix it,
anyway slowly back up and running now
heres a comic page im working on


  1. Thanks mansloth :)
    my first page after the big house move,
    had that much hassle and wasted time due to moving house, and then my computers dying i thought I wouldnt get to draw again, well I thought I may forget how to do things apart from doodle in a sketch pad :)

  2. A blank page can be ridiculously scary after an absence, even a slight one. If I ever produce a page that good, like ever, never mind a come back page, I would be a very happy man.