Sunday, 28 February 2010


zombies, running, walking, Im easy, the more the merrier


  1. Too true - send more zombies!!

    The details, lighting and colouring are all spot on.

  2. Can't go wrong with German ones too. Picture them nearby a lake for extra points.

  3. RB: Or snow or an oasis or waves

    In fact the winning formula is:

    Zombies + Nazis + water

    In fact I have quite a few films on my shelf that meet that criteria and I'd hate to think how many count if the Nazis or water was considered optional (plus if the zombies was optional you have Surf Nazis, so there is clearly a triangular relationship to this somehow - this needs more research in case there is the ultimate film formula lurking in there, like lesbian surf Nazi zombies).

  4. I might be wrong but i'm sure i saw this in the brochure for Content Film early last year.

    I was very impressed when i first saw it. Good to put a name to the guy behind it.

  5. "zombie lake" classic film, i remember it well :)
    Thanks all,
    Hi Alex, loved your Dredd pic on your blog from a while ago...superb :)
    "content film" cool, could well have been in there.
    It was from the same project your working on acutally, I was asked to do some art for Steve Barker but really coundnt fit it in at the time, a real shame as it was really nice doing this one image, I would have loved to have done a lot more :(. I was gutted I couldnt.
    right better be off, kids are rioting...

  6. Beautiful work as usual, Lee.

  7. Coo, what lucky people they are, having you and Alex on the concept art team!! Clearly made of sterner stuff than me, I'd have been so chuffed with the art I;d have never got around to making the film ;)

  8. Great piece, great to see your blog. See you in Bristol!