Monday, 8 March 2010

Judge Dredd WIPs

Working on some more Dredd samples, not quite finshed yet, hopefully find some time to add some colour and tighten them up a bit. maybe do a inked version ..but didnt want neglect the blog so here is where im up too...


  1. If you don't at least get a shot at a Dredd on the basis of these I'd be VERY surprised!

  2. Stunningly good.
    Do you use any model reference?

  3. These are really, really good. Love to see you do a proper Dredd for the comic. Something in colour for a change! ;-P

  4. These pics of Dredd are bloody fantastic, Lee.

  5. Thanks all :)
    Been practising drawing Dredd for 25 years :) Since I was about 7.
    Feeling like I’m getting there now :) after lots of nice comments :)
    Alex, yup I made up a quick mesh for Dredds shoulder pads and helmet. I’m not a great modeller, but I’m ok with basics, really want to try zbrush a bit more.
    I’m really enjoying your blog....fantastic outpost 2 stuff and your pen n ink is still great...u should be doing batman :) Great story telling.

    Cliff, WOW, that means allot :)....more so than Thargs approval :) but don’t tell him that . A big thanks for taking the time to make a comment. Been a huge fan of yours since I started reading 2000ad around the prog 370 one does Mega city citizens like u do, your detail and design has always been very impressive . I think it was “west side story” that first got me hooked on your work...loved the street gangs you drew. A big thanks...:)

  6. These look superb Lee, totally Dredd.

  7. I'd love to the renders that you sketched from...

  8. just found your page, just to say your 1 of the best at drawing DREDD great scale look feel