Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Unfinished Business

Heres a few sketchs for fun, took them to a point but never really gotten anywhere


  1. Well I know I;d like to see more of that!! Especially the second one: a rider with a chain gun, some disturbing spindly extra legs and a chainsaw arm that could cut through Redwoods.

  2. Cheers Emperor :)

    always good to hear from you :),
    Just a quick question for you, do you know who puts up the wikipedia pages for 2000ad artists,I just noticed the other week I had a wiki page.
    I was over the moon :), just wanted to give big thanks to the person who put it up.
    cheers lee

  3. Hey Lee

    Good to hear from you!
    It certainly has been a while since UWE
    Got to say, your work is as impressive as I remember!
    Nice one....

    Hope it's all gong swimmingly for you?